Growing up in small town southern Illinois, a young Jamey Garner found his first Harmonica by chance. The harmonica was curiously laying in the backyard of his old, possibly haunted, Victorian era  home. Jamey excitedly picked up the old silver Hohner harmonica, dusted it off and began to play a few notes. It was then that he fell in love with it’s sweet sound. “I always felt like that harmonica had been left there for me to find. And looking back, that moment still seems magical,” he says. As a young singer, this little instrument seemed to compliment my singing. All of a sudden I was more than just a singer, I was a musician!”

Jamey continued to play harp through school, all the while working on his vocals. After college, he received a scholarship to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC  to study musical theater. While studying and becoming a working actor/singer, Jamey’s interest in the harmonica never faded. As fortune would have it, Jamey soon found a harmonica playing mentor in fellow southern Illinois musician turned New Yorker, Tim Beattie. “Tim is a harmonica hero where we come from. So when I found out he was in New York too, I tracked him down and became his shadow. I followed him all over the city, harps in hand! Luckily, Tim took me under his wing and didn’t seem to mind too much that I was trying to cop, or ‘borrow’, every amazing harmonica lick that he would play.”

Since then, Jamey has continued his musical path as a successful vocalist, harmonica player and songwriter. His credits include the hit Off-Broadway musical ‘Our Sinatra’, Top 10 Finalist on the USA Network TV competition – ‘Nashville Star’, regional winner of Kenny Chesney’s ‘Next Big Star’ and featured vocalist with juggernaut touring group, Trans Siberian Orchestra. Jamey also received a Gold record for his harmonica performance on Buddy Jewell’s #2 Billboard hit single, ‘Sweet Southern Comfort’ – produced by fellow country harp player, Clint Black.

Jamey has most recently toured the US, Canada and Europe with his band High South, releasing two records with Universal Music Group and entering the Top 10 Album charts in Germany and Austria. In addition, Rolling Stone magazine featured High South in their March 2020 David Bowie issue, subsequently presenting the band’s 2020 Tour throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.